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Do you know of people playing Paranoia Risk, or clubs?  Are there online groups playing?


>http://www.conquerclub.com/ - they call it "Assassin" mode.  (They've got all kinds of other variants too.)


OK cool.  Is there a mode you know of where you can get six good anonymous players, such that none of the players know who the other five are, one turn per day, set up so that the betting public can watch the moves but cannot contact the players?  Reasoning: we would need to eliminate or minimize the possibility some yahoo could infer from green’s actions that she is stalking orange, where orange is adjacent to red, then buy up a bunch of green shares, contact and offer red a thousand (real life) bucks to nuke orange.  If that were to happen, everyone would know there was cheating, for red knew that orange was not her prey, so it is clear she threw the game.  Then no one would gamble after that.


Question Assassin Risk fans: how could we set it so that it would be difficult for bettors to try to contact players?  


Question 2:  Could we write software to play assassin mode Risk?  I don’t see why not.  Current software Risk players have differing personalities.  We should be able to take existing Risk software and modify it to play assassins, ja?  Then we could offer the developers a share of the total betting, to compel them to write their software in a way that would interest gamblers.



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