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> Cool thanks for the heads up.  I heard when it was discovered but with 

> a number that size it really is important to wait for a verification.  

> The discovery came on the 20th anniversary of GIMPS, the Great 

> Internet Mersenne Prime Search.


>>.So was that occurrence in the normal/expected frequency?




The signal remains consistent and shows that cumulative probability theory


I plotted log doubling time for the largest known prime against date.  For
the last nearly 20 years since the start of GIMPS, that doubling time is
staying in the 5 to 10 second range, as shown:




The doubling time since the previous record on 25 Jan 2013 is 5.7 seconds.
The size of the largest known prime number has doubled every 5.7 seconds for
the past 3 yrs.








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