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On 23 January 2016 at 14:24, spike  wrote:
>> There is no mention in the article about this experiment being done a 
> long time ago.  Doctors did a monkey head transplant way back in the 60s:
> https://www.newscientist.com/article/2073923-head-transplant-carried-o
> ut-on-monkey-claims-maverick-surgeon/

>...The article does say "Canavero says the experiment, which repeats the work of Robert White in the US in 1970, demonstrates that if the head is cooled to 15 °C, a monkey can survive the procedure without suffering brain injury".
But he did not reconnect the monkey spinal cord.

>...A South Korean is claiming to have reconnected the spinal cord in mice transplants.
Until the mice claim, all the head transplants have only used the replacement body as a temporary life support system. The head could not operate the new body.

>...That is the next required step - to reconnect the spinal cord on a large mammal.  BillK


Cool thanks I did miss that.  I recall reading of it when it happened, and I thought it was in 1969, so I searched on 196 and nada.

If you are stout of heart and in the mood for this sort of thing, view the Wiki page on head transplant:


A thought occurred to me.  Plenty of people react with revulsion when they hear of the notion of head transplants.  But I don't and plenty of people here do not.  I had an advantage of sorts: I heard of head transplants when I was a child aged nine.  Children's minds are pliable and open.  Perhaps having heard of the notion then caused some kind of permanent brain dam...  rather... um... development.


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