[ExI] Nobel laureates tell Greenpeace to stop, opposing GMOs

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Wed Jul 6 21:46:49 UTC 2016

On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at Dan TheBookMan <danust2012 at gmail.com> wrote:

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> It seems clear to me that the 02001 attacks were caused by the US's
> interventions in the Middle East.

​In 2001 the USA had no soldiers in the Middle East ​and yet the 19
suicidal hijackers hated the USA more than they loved life. Why? Because
they were Muslim dimwits who believed their particular variation of the
invisible man in the sky theory was the only path to truth and justice,
thus the fact that the USA was far richer and more powerful than they were
could only be explained if they made a pact with the devil. Or to put it
another way, the 911 attack happened because 19 people were infected by a
religious mind virus that made them both stupid and evil.

 John K Clark

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