[ExI] Cosmopolitanism, collective epistemology and other issues

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On 2016-07-10 18:26, Adrian Tymes wrote:
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>     Do the British have online non-paper machine voting?  If so, they
>     can make it come out any way they want, the way we do here.
> From what I hear, their votes are all paper.  Doesn't prevent 
> unspecified "irregularities" from being cited, though.  (Forged 
> ballots are a thing, and if there was a legitimate technical problem 
> there would be a strong case for Secret marking...though also a strong 
> case against.)

It is handled like in most civilized countries: paper ballots, delivered 
in envelopes to registrars that check you against the voting records. 
The count is overseen by volunteers from the different parties and 
interested citizens. There is some competitiveness between a few of the 
localities to be the first to finish counting. Overall, it is tough to 
game the system since it is very transparent.

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