[ExI] What are among the world's most important problems to solve, why?

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Wed Jul 13 17:14:55 UTC 2016

I think you make a good point, Dave. From the point of view of improving the human condition, it would probably make more sense to help all current human brains work at their full potential and get “online” (not just literally on the internet but into a true working network with many other brains in stable social systems) than it would be to make current brains super-intelligent.

But finding a way to improve our own personal intelligence and the intelligence of our own offspring is always going to be a real priority for individuals. Because the fact is, we are competing with other even as we are cooperating with them. Yes, we benefit by being around people who are intelligent, even more intelligent than ourselves. But if we can get that little edge over other brains, we also benefit in that social competition for jobs and mates and prestige.

Tara Maya

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> For IQ not​​​ to relate to solving some problem, you are saying that mentally retarded people can do as well or better than average or above people.
> I asked "Are the most intelligent people the best problem solvers?", I didn't say intelligence isn't a factor in problem solving. I was challenging the assertion that achieving superintelligence is a very important goal and the apparent belief that it enables solving otherwise unsolvable problems.
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