[ExI] Cosmopolitanism, collective epistemology and other issues

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>> Does any other culture think of us as exotic?
> Yes, definitely. A lot of Germans are ga-ga about the romanticized Wild
> West, for example.
> -Dave
> ​Yes.  We had two Germans stay with us back in the 80s and the first thing
> they wanted was to find a cowboy and Indian store, which, amazingly, we had
> and it was going out of business.  They were ecstatic.  As you know, all of
> that was 99% made up by Hollywood, or at least exaggerated a great deal.
> If you went back, say, 150 years and asked people, they would be stunned
> that cowboys would be the heroes of thousands of movies.  "Those dirty,
> illiterate, profane bums?  Really?"

​Did it ever strike any of us that the vast majority of humans prefer to
live their lives in fantasy?  Movies, fiction, TV, video games, even
telephone games, take up an enormous percentage of our lives?
I am no different with my books and music.

Just what is wrong with reality?  It was the Jews, wasn't it, that invented
fiction?  Or at least among the first to write it down?

bill w​

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