[ExI] 10 Predictions About the Future That Should Scare the Hell Out of You

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 19:27:06 UTC 2016

On 18 July 2016 at 18:57, Adrian Tymes wrote:
> They're things to watch out for, sure, but most of them can be guarded
> against.  Authoritarian governments, for instance, can be resisted in the
> same fashion they always have been, regardless of their reasons for desiring
> tighter control.  ("But but they'll be authoritarian and use military
> force", or any knee jerk response along those lines, has already been
> answered if you look at what has eventually happened to most previous
> governments that did that.)

As individuals we can watch out for authoritarian governments, but as
he says, when a nation feels under threat they seek strong
governments. And when you give strong governments the total
surveillance capability, that is something new in the world. We see
the effect of that already, with huge databases of 'suspects' (i.e.

Of course, all his scenarios are debatable. So we can try to avoid the
worst possibilities.


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