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>…Tara - Currently, aging people tend to become set in their ways, less able and therefore less eager to learn new technologies. …Look at what has happened in a lot of new tech:  computer chips with a lot of memory enable stuffing products with all sorts of uses most of us will never use…

bill w



I am truly grateful I live in these times.  Some of us here are old enough to remember the first commercial computer games, Pong and Asteroids.  Perhaps you were one who had the original home game consoles which could do nothing but play Pong.  Were you?  I was.


Remember how much fun we had with Pong?  We played that little game until the paddles wore out.  Such fun!  Games became more sophisticated.  We ended up with Nintendo and such, but there was one step I didn’t foresee: all these apps and games becoming free.  Some of them are really excellent, and free!  All our fondest dreams came to pass: really good software, so much of it available free, the limiting reagent being only the spare time to download them and learn to play. 


I am one who has a hard time getting my head around the concept that this much value can be had for nothing more than the time invested in downloading and learning the rules of the game. 




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