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Spike: That would be very nice! Probably the easiest way would be for generous users to use PayPal. My address associated with that is "max at maxmore.com <mailto:max at maxmore.com> ". However, the old ExI PayPal account is still active (and very empty): The address for that is "more at extropy.org <mailto:more at extropy.org> "


For the renewal (one year) and reinstatement fee, I paid $78.97. 







OK cool, we start out with at least thirty bucks: John Clark donated the ten he won from me for Mrs. Clinton escaping indictment, I matched his ten and doubled, so I will post John’s ten and my twenty.

















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OK cool, well while the list was down, several of the chronics contacted me and asked if we could donate to the upkeep and maintenance.  John Clark pledged his winnings from Mrs. Clinton’s non-indictment, I matched and doubled, and several others have suggested they would donate to keeping the ExI list alive.  Max I don’t see why you are always stuck with the bill for this.  Many of us have benefitted from its continuing existence.


I suggested to John in the very slim chance Mrs. Clinton is indicted before 6 November, I would donate the ill-gotten gains (200 bucks I think) to ExI-chat server maintenance.  {8^D  If not, I will kick in some clams anyway.  Max, shall we post it to your Alcor address?  What is it?










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