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The liberal "intellectual elites" should listen to this warning, and
try to revers ethe trend.

On Sun, Jul 31, 2016 at 3:31 PM, BillK <pharos at gmail.com> wrote:
> At the risk of starting up the Trump / Brexit arguments again, this
> article from a financial blog seems to risk saying what the PC media
> avoid.
> Note that this is from a professional investor who has to forecast
> fairly well in order to make money.
> <https://capitalistexploits.at/2016/07/trump-victory/>
> Why A Politically Correct West Ensures A Trump Victory
> In Global Trends by Chris MacIntosh   July 29, 2016
> Quotes:
> What we’re dealing with today is a crisis in political correctness.
> But the man on the street is no longer buying it. He’s not that
> stupid. He understands and sees with his own eyes, even if his rulers
> try to distract him.
> This is one reason that Brexit is taking place. A populace,
> increasingly distrustful of the establishment and horrified by the
> consequences of the actions already taken by the ruling class, look
> around them in search of someone who will say out loud what they
> whisper to each other behind closed doors.
> Brexit was a huge plus for Donald Trump. It provided legitimacy to the
> rhetoric of Trump’s campaign: “Don’t vote for the establishment
> (Hillary), vote for me.” “Let’s make America great again” speaks the
> same language that Nigel Farage was speaking. Importantly, Trump
> doesn’t pander to politically correct anything.
> -------------
> Like him or loath him, Nigel Farage provided an increasingly horrified
> citizenry with a crystal clear message which never tried to pander to
> political correctness. A populace under attack (because Europe is most
> certainly under attack) found a level of honesty in the Brexit
> campaign, which was sorely lacking with the “remain campaign” and they
> voted for it.
> When only right-wing demagogues are prepared to say what a politically
> correct establishment is unwilling to say, then it will be right-wing
> demagogues that are elected to power.
> Expect this trend to accelerate – first bringing Trump to power in the
> US and followed by massive changes in Europe, something I’ll cover
> next week, including what I think is the easiest short in history and
> how it is likely to play out.
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> BillK
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