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Mon May 2 16:31:36 UTC 2016

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>...Sure, the current coastal areas will be a little wetter, but think of all those cold places that will be so much nicer.  Alaskan beachfront can become the new Riviera.  Sounds hard to believe, but the current build of Riviera Maya in Mexico didn't even exist 40 years ago.


Ja.  Mike I would like to see attention brought to this: there is a category of climate change thinkers who recognize the models do predict increasing temperatures, and so they are not the currently-fashionable bad guys called denialists, but rather those who focus on all the good things that go with a meter rise in sea level.  It creates some problems, but if we know it is coming, it solves a bunch of them too, and creates YUUUUGE opportunity.  Just redrawing the map of Florida alone is the thin-cat capitalist's playground.  We know in advance what land will need to be abandoned, where will be the new beachfront, where we need to set up desalination plants with plenty of seawater right there we no longer need to lift, that sorta thing.

Regarding Riviera Maya, we need to acknowledge that big piles of money can make good things happen, such as that resort, or beachfront property in places now too harsh to be valuable.  Concentrated wealth that can be controlled by visionaries such as Musk and others is a good thing.  Jobs are created.

Regarding Musk, he built a car factory up the street here, which caused a lot of changes right here in my neighborhood: plenty of Tesla engineers and executives are setting up camp here.  Beat-up old neglected properties were bought up, cleaned up, fixed up, lawn grass out, xeriscape in, which is good because we get less of the noisy and stinky mowers but more quiet, professional guys who come in, clean up, pull weeds, trim up, tidy up and leave unnoticed, with just a calm snip snip snip rather that the old familiar roar of the Briggs and Stratton.  

This kind of thing makes me a big Musk fan.  More than a decade ago, the controls engineers declared landing a first stage on its feet was practical.  Musk was the guy who bet it all they were right.  They were right.  We get to stop that appalling waste of dropping those expensive stages into the sea. So... he wins.  We win.  Capitalism makes us rich.  Technology makes us comfortable.  Life is good.  


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