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> In light of that fact, the answer to question:  Do we take their money? I would suggest, eh… no.  Definitely, no, unless every member of that “we” is ready to do life in the big house.
> spike
> Oh we do take their money - progressive taxes.  As for Dan's 'solution', stop having politicians that are bought, I beg answers to how to accomplish that.  It seems that a bit of larceny is built into humans.  Will robots running AI be as corruptible?  (what use does a robot have for money?  I can think of many things and probably Spike a lot more!)

The answer is amazingly simple: persuade enough people that there's not right to rule over others and no duty to obey others. My guess is if about ten to twenty percent of the population ardently believed that, the ruling class would be hard pressed to do anything about it. It would be de facto stateless for most people at that point.

The alternatives offered by the ruling class itself are unlikely to change much -- save which faction of the ruling class gets to hold power, rake in the brides, and hand out the favors.


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