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>> Evil attacked again:
>> http://www.empr.com/news/new-fda-rule-extends-regulation-to-e-cigs-hookah-cigars/article/494629/?DCMP=EMC-MPR_DailyDose_rd&cpn=Copaxone69726&hmSubId=&hmEmail=dgaoEN5eY-8KzeZ5fFb0Xi0gb47GIyfLMhkOjt7-LyE1&NID=1841350915&c_id=&dl=0&spMailingID=14410983&spUserID=MjQzMDE0MjAxMDIxS0&spJobID=780377744&spReportId=NzgwMzc3NzQ0S0
>> Note how they lie - they say "tobacco" products in relation to things
>> that have absolutely no connection to tobacco at all.
> They're targeting nicotine, not just tobacco.  Though everything listed in
> that article that they're targeting either is tobacco or has the
> detrimental health effects of tobacco (having been distilled from/adapted
> from tobacco to be "honest it's not tobacco" when it basically is).
> Besides, "smoke in your lungs" is bad enough, tobacco or no tobacco.

### Vapes do not generate smoke, they generate, as you may easily guess,
vapor. Yet the evil ones just forbade the sale of vapes in general, unless
permitted, and gave themselves the exclusive right to grant individual
permissions to sell vapes.

Of course, they know that vapes displace cigarettes. They know that vapes
thus reduce exposure to smoke, and therefore are most likely literally

Yet they chose to forbid vapes, and this will destroy lives. They did that
to increase their own power. That's why I know they are evil.

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