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Sun May 8 19:00:18 UTC 2016

A recent translation of Aristotle's classic "On trolling" (it is CC, so 
you can read the whole thing):
Many good points, and just two pages.

An excerpt:
> One might wonder whether there is an art of trolling and an 
> excellence; and indeed some say that Socrates was a troll, and so that 
> the good man also trolls. And this is in fact what the troll claims: 
> that he is a gadfly and beneficial, and without him to ‘stir up’ the 
> thread it would become dull and unintelligent. But this is incorrect. 
> For Socrates was speaking frankly when he told the Athenians to care 
> for their souls, rather than money and honors, and showed that they 
> lacked knowledge. And this is not trolling but the contrary, 
> exhortation and truth-telling—even if the citizens get very annoyed. 
> For annoyance results from many kinds of speech; and the peculiarity 
> [/idion/] of the troll is not annoyance or controversy in general, but 
> confusion and strife among a community who really agree. And since the 
> one who does this on every occasion must act with knowledge, and on 
> the basis of practice and care, he has a kind of art—just as one might 
> speak of the art of the hack or of the grifter. But it is not really 
> an art, being without any function; and it belongs not to the serious 
> person to be a troll but to the one who lacks education.

I am reminded of Frankfurt's classic "On bullshit":

Which is doubly relevant today given Trump's candidacy and the epistemic 
approach of Putin's Russia. Know your epistemic defenses and virtues.

Anders Sandberg
Future of Humanity Institute
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