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On Sun, May 8, 2016 at 9:35 AM, William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com>
> I want to end and utterly oppose the government telling anyone what they
> and cannot put in their own body.  That is the core principle, not
whether e-cigs
> are bad or as bad as tobacco or not.
> - samantha

I agree with Samantha here.

> I used to agree with that.  Heroin, cocaine, crack, anything.  Make it
all legal.  Take the
> high profits out it.  Then I find things like one puff of a cigarette
changes your brain
> permanently.  I kicked alcohol and tobacco cold turkey, but other members
of my family
> have found it much harder to do.  Most people are not good at moderating
their intake of
> things that make them very happy - I wasn't either.  But I was an
excellent quitter.
> Just too many people would ruin their lives and put great burdens of
society by legal
> everything.  I have worked in several mental hospitals and can assert
that the craziest
> people I saw were those on amphetamines - very psychotic.  (Heroin, by
contrast is a
> far easier habit to kick.)
> I am a libertarian but there just has be lines drawn.

The argument you're making here is actually the typical anti-libertarian
one: free people can make bad choices -- choices we disapprove of -- and
this might cause harm to others -- someone might read Karl Marx and form a
revolutionary group to take over society -- so we must limit their freedom
-- control their reading of Marx, for instance.


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