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​>…OK but  no amount of spin can turn Donald Trump into a brilliant businessman and economic genius, there are billionaires in Silicon Valley and elsewhere that fit that description but Donald doesn't. …  John K Clark  



I don’t understand why we didn’t get any local startup CEOs to run.  I would vote for any Silicon Valley biggie, any of them, even those I didn’t like much, such as Carly Fiorina.  I would vote for Larry Ellison over these two.   Side note: Carly failed to inspire us, but oh my, she doesn’t look half bad now, ja?  Carly, we totally forgive you for buying Compaq!


Sheesh, think about this.  When there are 17 candidates in the starting blocks, weird outcomes like this one just have a high risk of happening.  It reminds us of the first season of Survivor, where the unpopular guy who understood game theory ended up beating about half a dozen more popular candidates, because he was always positioned exactly right, where the more popular ones kept eliminating each other.  There was even a reasonably good one in the Democrat debate.  Not the blank stare guy (although in retrospect he seems refreshingly harmless.)  Who was that other one, the Marine officer?  Jim Webb?  Why couldn’t he win, in this crowd of yahoos?


My former college roommate made each other laugh.  He is a hardcore liberal, but has maintained a sense of humor in spite of that.  We were talking, he said “The one time in my life I probably would have voted for a Republican, and you guys nominate Donald Trump.  Deal’s off.”  I could only come back with “This would be the one and only time in my life I would have voted Democrat, and you guys dig up the festering abscess Hillary Clinton.  No deal.”


We agreed to vote for Johnson.  Voting for the lesser of two evils is voting for evil just the same.


I am searching hard for a silver lining in all this, and I may have found it.  We get to listen to the most bitter mudslinging contest in American history, right when this country needs one.  Whichever one prevails, the other will make sure the American people deplore the sleazebag.  Our collective disapproval ratings of our own leaders will reach an all time high.  Our righteous disdain will perhaps disable the presidency more than anything that could have happened, which will perhaps encourage people to look within themselves for leadership.  










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