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Nothing particularly profound or insightful in this AI article, but it is
good clean fun:




He reminds me a little of Roger Penrose's take on the subject from a long
time ago: he introduces two schools of thought, pokes fun at both while
offering little or no evidence or support, then reveals he is pretty much a
follower of one of the two: the Church of AI-theists.


There are plenty of AI-theists, but nowhere have I ever seen a really good
argument for why we can never simulate a neuron and a dendrite and synapses.
Once we understand them well enough, we can write a sim of one.  We already
have sims of complicated systems, such as aircraft, nuclear plants and such.
So why not a brain cell?   And if so, why not two, and why not a connectome
and why can we not simulate a brain?  I have been pondering that question
for over 2 decades and have still never found a good reason.  That puts me
in Floridi-dismissed Church of the Singularitarian.



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