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An interesting thought experiment:


"Suppose an Hispanic version of Donald Trump were thrilling Hispanic voters.  Call him Donaldo Trumpo.  Opponents of immigration would plausibly fear that El Donaldo is a classic strongman plotting to turn the U.S. into a banana republic.  And they would hasten to the inference that Hispanics are fundamentally authoritarian and unfit for democracy.  If 2016 doesn't convince you that political externalities are a two-way street, nothing will."





Dan you bring up a good point: do we know for sure, and can we prove… where Donald Trump was born?  Could his BC have been forged?  How do we know?


Just sayin.  Think about it.


And while you do, think about this: Trump’s main rival was Ted Cruz.  Hell, we can read, all of us can (thanks Miss Rogers the elementary school teacher.)  I see the requirements right there in the constitution which says a president must be a natural-born US citizen.  I read the arguments claiming it meant this and meant that, but I could never convince myself that requirement can apply to either Canadian-born Ted Cruz or US military-base born John McCain.  Didn’t look to me like either of those guys were eligible.  The requirement would kill the eligibility of anyone who ever held a dual citizenship.  The founders meant they wanted a colonist born on this side of the Atlantic.  Plenty of their good guys at the time were not.  The founders didn’t write in exceptions, they wrote no ifs, buts nor maybes. 



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