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​>>… ​Do you honestly think she did not commit felonies?


​>…My guess, and it's only a guess, is yes; but not more than any other president in the nation's history and less than most…John K Clark​




We are dead.  Dead.  Dead doobeedoo dead dead.  As soon as we are to the point where we say we are letting a known felon have command of the military under the theory that the other choices are also felons or that it is OK, then we are dead.  It isn’t just us.  This particular felon is a known war hawk.  Anyone in our gunsights is dead too.  I damn sure am dead.  This particular felon is a known first amendment opponent, has stated it explicitly in September 2012, then denied the comments in contradiction to at least four witnesses whose versions were very similar.  I have posted blasphemy online.  It is all still there.  It may become retroactively illegal.  …comma comma dead doobeedoo dead dead…



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