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On Mon, May 9, 2016 at 1:46 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

> ​> ​
> Had she
> ​ [
> Carly Fiorina
> ​]
> not wrecked HP, we wouldn’t even need to bother with an election in the
> fall; cheering masses of Americans would carry her to the White House on
> their shoulders.

​And to quote the immortal words of
Frederick Treesh

*"Other than the two we killed, the two we wounded, the woman we
pistol-whipped, and the light bulbs we stuck in people's mouths, we didn't
really hurt anybody."*

> ​> ​
> On the bright side: Carly is still almost young; she has at least one more
> shot at it,
> ​That's the bright side? Carly said Silicon Valley companies should be
forced to engineer their products in such a way that the government can "work
around encryption" and she wants to use force to stop people from getting

> >
>> you said something to the effect of Bill Clinton’s blowjobs were none of
> Ken Starr’s damn business.  This is a puzzling commentary indeed
> considering that was Ken Starr’s only business:he was assigned as a special
> prosecutor.  That is what Inspectors General and special prosecutors do:
> investigate and prosecute.  Bill Clinton’s blowjobs were as much his
> business as Nixon’s audiotapes were the damn business of Archie Cox and his
> staff in 1974.

​Hmm, maybe the Nixon scandal and the Clinton scandal really are the same,
burglary is against the law and in the 1990's oral sex was against the law
even between husband and wife and certainly in a adulterous affair. But
it's odd we're talking about a scandal that happened 20 years ago, I can't
help but wonder if it came out that the wife of the Libertarian
residential candidate Mr.Whatshisname had oral sex 20 years ago you'd think
that was a important factor in the present election too.       ​

​As I understand it you think Ken Starr should be interested in
presidential blowjobs because it could lead to blackmail, but blackmail
will only work if bad things would come if something is revealed. So if it
became public what would the negative consequences be for the president and
from whom would they come from? From the president's wife demanding a
divorce? No it's been 20 years and they're still married. From the American
people? No, despite the "scandal" when Bill Clinton left office he was far
more popular than either Bush was when they left, and as time has gone on
Bill's popularity has only increased.

The truth is the only person Bill had to fear if the blowjob became known
was Ken Starr himself, and Ken Starr was investigating it because of
presidential fear of blackmail, and the only reason the president would be
afraid was because of Ken Starr. And the reason Ken Starr was investigating

​> ​
> those polygraphs can’t be fooled as far as I know.
> William Marston
​ invented 2 things, the polygraph and Wonder Woman. I like Wonder Woman
better. If I was charged with a crime I'd refuse to take a polygraph unless
I was guilty and the police had a lot of evidence against me. If I was
innocent I'd never take a polygraph.  ​

​ John K Clark​
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