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​> ​>…A top level security clearance holder


>…The president is elected by the people and they have given him the ULTIMATE security clearance…


You answered my question John.  You are OK with the president having the ultimate security clearance.  By that reasoning Nixon was justified in gathering intelligence on possible rivals.  By the standards we have set for presidents, Nixon could have easily beaten the charges leveled against him in 1974.  He could have been elected with that in his past.


The power of the presidency is carefully limited for a good reason.  If we decide perjury is OK if it is about some subjects, we need a list somewhere.  Is it only bedroom matters (or in this case oval office?)


Is it only the president?  The VP is also elected.  Does the VP get to commit perjury so long as it is about bedroom matters?  Does the SecState get to commit perjury?  Does the SecState get to do things her own way on security?  What if the SecState is clueless about security?  What if she doesn’t know how it all works digitally?  Then she orders subordinates to break the laws, do they all get the ultimate security clearance?


You see where I am going with this John.  Hilliary is telling us that she knows she did not get hacked.  Her proof: the hacked did not leak the material.  At least one suspected hacker is telling us he did get in there, but wasn’t particularly interested in it.  He was interested in a previous SecState, because he had bikini photos of a hot Romanian bureaucrat.  Hilliary’s server only had a bunch of political stuff on there, a yoga routine or two.  But… Hiliary is at least half a century past her prime hot bikini years.


OK now.  A hacker says her server was an “open orchid on the internet.”  He offered a plausible explanation of how he got it, along with at least two other examples of it, one of which was a former SecState.  Our own security people tell us the way Hilliary’s server was set up, there is no way to know if intruders hacked in.  State Department servers have those facilities; this one did not.  We cannot tell if it was compromised.  Mrs. Clinton assures us her server was not hacked offering as evidence the hacker didn’t leak anything (yet.)  Hilliary deliberately wiped over half her email, knowing exactly what that would look like.


Well John, I am having an epic fail to be assured by that evidence.


>…The Senate a ACQUITTED Bill Clinton of perjury…


I see.  Does that mean he didn’t lie?  What do you suppose he meant when he said on national television “I lied.”



​>​>…Our next leader is being chosen by the FBI.


>…Look on the bright side, if the above turns out to be true you'll be $200 richer, but I wouldn't start spending that money just yet if I were you. As for me I already have big plans for my $10.



Ja, there is that.  


We are electing a president, not a king, not an emperor.  A president is accountable for his or her actions.  Secretaries of State are accountable for their actions.  We don’t elect those.  They are required to follow the same laws the rest of us must follow.  If they do not, they are subject to criminal prosecution.


Stand by sir!  The FBI primary will be coming.





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