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We have been given contradictory information, implausible explanations,
excuses and such, but I have for those interested in these matters a unified
theory on what actually happened at the Department of State.  Clinton was
appointed SecState in Jan 2009.  She wanted a secure blackberry like the one
used by Barack.  But the security team told her no, for perfectly
understandable reasons: the technology did not exist (and still doesn't) for
doing what she asked.  She wanted a secure blackberry which could be carried
abroad.  These cannot be secured abroad with current technology.


My theory is that it was not sufficiently explained to Hillary why her
request was denied.  She didn't know enough about science or technology to
understand that Barack's blackberry could be secured as long as it was
physically located in the Whitehouse, but that he could not carry it abroad.
That will be perfectly understandable to nearly everyone on this list: the
State Department can monitor all EM signals right there on station.  Abroad,
they cannot.  So any blackberry outside the control area can be monitored by
the bad guys wherever the SecState went.  Any messages to that blackberry
could be received and eventually be decoded by the bad guys, and we would
have no way of knowing the system had been compromised.  Viruses could
perhaps be placed on that blackberry which would allow them to infiltrate
the system back in the states.


There is a way to secure a blackberry in the Whitehouse, but not one which
travels.  So. the security team told her no.  Regardless of whether they
offered a sufficient explanation, my theory is that Hillary was extremely
annoyed, failing to understand why the president could have a secure
blackberry but she could not.  Perhaps she took it as a personal insult.
So, she decided to hell with the law, used her own blackberry and requested
staff use it, which was unsecured and could only be accessed from an
unsecured non-government server.


That explains a lot of weirdness: why it is that Hillary keeps insisting
that her server was not hacked, while our own government experts have said
the way this server was set up, there is no way to know if it was hacked.
Reason: she doesn't know how it works digitally at all.  It explains the use
of a private blackberry: the State Department did not issue her one.  She
didn't know those things can be hacked because she doesn't know how it works
digitally at all.  It explains why she keeps insisting that Guccifer and
others did not hack the server: she is certain the emails would have leaked
by now.  But I think not: all that email is worth so much more if she gets
elected president, so much more.  In Guccifer's case it isn't that: he
really didn't care about politics.


So this was all caused by two factors: a Secretary of State willing to break
laws for her own convenience, and is either unaware or is in denial of
hacking threats.


With that theory in mind, and Guccifer's plausible explanations for how he
got in there, how easy it was and how the server was "an open orchid on the
internet" I must conclude that others found the same weakness, military
organizations who damn sure were and are interested in politics, parties who
have vested interest in keeping quiet for now that they have the entire
archives, who now have vested interest in seeing Hilliary elected president.


Meanwhile, in what would have otherwise been a walk-in for the other major
party because of this clear and present danger, this glaring stab in the
back by our own Secretary of State, it chooses. Donald Trump.


Long broken sigh.





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