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>> Samantha,
>> The problem is not the wealth inequality is created by people like Elon
>> Musk. He is the exception. In fact, it would be fine if wealth was gained
>> in this way by creating real value in the world.
>> Most wealth though is in the hands of people that have inherited without
>> any personal merit and the wealth is not used to create further value but
>> for speculation and rent seeking.
>> Look up the research on this. These agents are really parasites on the
>> system.
>> Giovanni
>> ​If I am not mistaken, Congress got rid of death taxes several years
>> ago.  Too bad.
> ### It didn't and it should have. See here:


Don't let jealousy cloud your judgment.

I remember I used to be in favor of estate taxes but Becker changed my
mind. It does happen, changing your mind.

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