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>>…Then she realizes she can now order senators murdered, and pardon whoever did it, then declare the deceased enemies of the state.  Then the surviving senators can be told they can run along home now, their services are no longer needed…Where is the flaw in this reasoning please?


>…That last bit.  Sure she could (assuming she gets elected), and in fact every prior US President has had that ability.  Maybe there is no precedent for that much desire born out of that much hostility in the 20th or 21st centuries, but if you read back to 19th century there have been close cases…What ultimately stops that is fear of we the people.





Well now, consider the book Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.  Good chance both of the nominees from the major parties studied that book carefully.  One of the candidates has made no secret of being more than just an Alinsky follower.  We have never heard her disavow anything he wrote.  So it would be advisable for those who follow these kinds of things to read Alinsky’s RfR.  I have, or at least the Cliff’s Notes version of it.


One thing that really now rings true from that work is the concept that if a politician loses, that politician’s honesty, integrity, honor, all the rest of it doesn’t matter, isn’t worth a bucket of spit, etc.  He’s out of power, he is completely irrelevant, absolutely regardless.  That outlook has consequences, such as: to win ugly is to win just the same.  It is better to win clean, but either is infinitely better than to lose.


Now we get to Survivor, an early reality TV stunt.  But I want to put that in a separate post.



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