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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Sat May 14 18:11:49 UTC 2016

This book reads like a thriller - well, mostly.  I think he kept it down
somewhat so he would not be accused of such.

"Dark Territory" by Fred Kaplan, Ph. D. from MIT, Pulitzer prize winner,

Traces the history of computer security, mainly through the feds.  I am
only about 40% of the way through it and simply cannot imagine anyone on
this list not interested in it.  I want to get back to Nexus, by Naam but
just can't put it down.

Amazing how cyberwarfare helped determine the Serbian War.  And a lot
more.  The USA was doing cyber attacks and information seeking hacks that
only a very few in the gov knew about.  Our own hackers played a huge role
in speeding up security.

It also shows just how dumb the military is, how insular. (Anyone
surprised?)   Private industry comes off as far worse.  I'll quit.  Read
the book!

Adrian said that I was wrong when I quoted something from the book.  And he
hasn't read it.  Make up your own mind.

 About Bill I must say that he was let off because practically without
exception, every one lies about sex.  If he had lied about anything else I
would have supported an impeachment trial and a guilty verdict.  At least
he did not give in to the blackmail.

Last president to leave a surplus.  Absolute master politician, super
memory, knew how to work a room better than anyone.  In other words, a
great salesman.  Without the sex taint many would consider him the best
president in a long time.

(Oddly, that reminds me of Peter Jennings, who went to Iraq and met Hussein
and vowed not to smile.  When he came back Hussein had sent him a picture
of the two and Jennings was smiling.  )

It also reminds me of my meeting George Bush the Elder.  He came to my
little university and all faculty were supposed to go meet him.  He was
running for the presidency against Reagan.

I walked up to the president's mansion and walked in the door.  No one was
outside the door.  He was about five feet away with his back to me,
acknowledging applause by a semicircle of people who saw me.  Of course I
had to ham it up and so I raised my hands to acknowledge the applause and
people starting laughing while applauding.  He turned around and said "If I
had come in like that I would have ducked right out the door."  He took it
well, introduce me to Mama Bush, and I slipped out the back


bill w
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