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Mon May 16 16:34:21 UTC 2016

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> Our supercluster has only 10e15 solar masses, which is 10e-7th part of the
> visible universe

​It takes time for stars to brew up some of the elements needed for life
like carbon, oxygen and nitrogen and of course it takes time for
intelligent life to evolve, the universe is 13.8 billion years old so I can
understand why we don't see evidence of engineered galaxies more distant
than 7 or 8 billion light years away, but why are things so quiet closer
than that? It seems to me there are only 2 possibilities:

1) It's extremely hard and freakishly rare for Evolution to come up with
intelligent beings.

2) Technological civilizations always make somebody like Donald Trump their
leader just as they approach the singularity.

Incidentally, due to the acceleration of the universe as time goes by our
observable universe will get bigger but it will have fewer stars in it.
Only the Andromeda galaxy and a small handful of nearby dwarf galaxies
are approaching our galaxy, eventually they will merge into one
big elliptical galaxy and everything else will have receded beyond our
event horizon . If there are any astronomers around then things will be as
astronomers thought things were in the early 20th century, the universe
will consist of our galaxy and nothing else.

  John K Clark
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