[ExI] Will ems have two genders?

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>> But this stuff to me is so foreign, not worth talking about--or, worth
>> talking about, but as a very very non-serious thought experiment.  Like
>> people in 3000 BC talking about the future.  And I bet they had lots of
>> ideas we've forgotten today, being closer to the dawn of self-consciousness
>> and state-of-nature and all that.  Take some LSD and wonder about this
>> stuff again.
> ### I find the ems world absolutely fascinating. I see it as the only way
> for me to hitch a ride into the future after superhuman AI comes online,
> which with every day that passes is closer by one day.
> Robin's book is a pretty fascinating take on ems, since he develops the
> social side of the scenario in deep detail. We may of course want to work a
> lot on the tech side, but he is first in trying to see what our knowledge
> in the "soft sciences" actually makes likely.
> A key thing in thinking about uncertain future developments is to realize
> that a high likeliehood of being wrong is not a reason not to try it, in
> many circumstances. If your models cause you to take actions that are
> maximally reasonable then it does not matter that there is a lot of noise.
> Yes, surely ExI chat list is exactly the sort of place where readers would
> be open to considering what purports to be a careful analysis of the
> future. It is hard to know just how far you can get with analysis of a
> topic until you try. So you might as well just look at any given proposed
> analysis to see how well it works. If you think my analysis fails, please
> do tell me, and explain where and how you think it fails.

### Robin, you just made some money off me, I ordered Age of Em on Kindle.

I am sure I'll have more comments once I read it.

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