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>…If it were likely that part US Navy's fleet might be impounded in foreign ports, I'm still trying to figure out why this would be a bad outcome.  Regards, Dan



Ja, this already happened, on 12 Jan 2016: Iran seized two US Navy vessels and crews.  Nothing bad came of it, depending on how you interpret Ben Rhodes’ startling admission last week that the US government tried to keep it a secret, but those damn yakkity news agencies couldn’t keep it under wraps even for a couple hours.  


Instead the newsers chose to stab the administration by blabbing that info just before the president’s State of the Union address, which is why no one actually saw or heard that speech in real time.  We were tuned to the station covering that story on the hostages (FoxNews (Surprise!  (not.))) wondering if we were about to go to war with Iran.


Do ponder that, in light of the current administration’s preventing Ben Rhodes from spewing other damaging truths to the American voters, who they apparently feel can’t handle the truth.






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