[ExI] who did i just endorse?

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Wed May 18 01:37:53 UTC 2016


A lighthearted note for you guys after all the heaviness.


Note for our European friends: we have a candidate still running against Mrs. Clinton in a quixotic hopeless quest, for he is actually running against his own party, as is Mr. Trump.  He cannot win of course, but he seems a likeable sort, and one need not be ashamed of oneself for supporting him.  His campaign slogan is Feel the Bern (since his name is Bernie.)


Today I was shopping in Costco as is my wont.  Or one of them, being a multi-wont sort.  After checking out I got in line for a slice of their pizza, which is bland-ish but with sufficient spices, such as those little packages of crushed red peppers, you can get it on its feet.  You don’t get too carried away with the stuff, being really hot, but one package on a slice is tolerable and tasty.


So, the young lady behind the counter gave me my slice and put a package of crushed red peppers on the counter with the question: Would you like peppers sir?


I responded “Oh yes, I love to feel the burn!”  She lit up.  She reached under the counter, grabbed a handful of those red pepper packages, took my wrist and pressed about 20 of these packages in my hand.  I laughed and thanked her, and walked away still laughing (as is another of my wonts.)


Then it hit me.  I think I just endorsed… a commie.


D^8{    Oh dear.


Oh well, at least he’s an honest one.





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