[ExI] Repudiating the national debt

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>> What SHOULD we be doing about it?  Trim the military?
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> ### End Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid,

​And what instrument would you use to contain the civil war that would
erupt as soon as you did that?  A Browning M2 Machine Gun or do you prefer
cluster bombs?

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> fire 90% of US gov't employees, abolish 90% of Federal agencies

​Not 90% but 100% of Federal agencies would be abolished ​and there would
be no need to fire 90% of US gov't employees because 100% of them would
quit because you have no money to pay them because you've renounced the
debt so money no longer exists. You never answered the question about
trimming the military but there is no need to, you can't pay them either so
they'll just take their equipment and go their own way. I imagine that
sailors on Nuclear Submarines would make damn good pirates.

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> Gold exists.

​So you want human wealth to be strictly tied to the amount of Element 79
that is in the crust of this planet, so you want China to be the richest
country in the world, and you want Australia to be the second richest, and
you want Russia to be the third richest.  ​

>> Yep, that [Vote Trump! Screw the debt!] and "Three cheers for
>> torture!" and "Nuclear weapons for everybody!" pretty much sums up the
>> Trump philosophy. And that is why Donald Trump is a madman.
> > ### Yeah, yeah, sure.

And it is sure, I didn't just make it up, Donald Trump clearly has a soft
spot for all three of these imbecilic and downright evil ideas. You intend
to vote for a man who wants to torture people not only to get information
but for the sheer joy he gets out of torturing them, he wants to torture
them even if they have no information to give.  And I am not the slightest
bit embarrassed to put the label "evil" on that idea.

Trump’s political success is a textbook example of the triumph of style
over substance even among people who like to think of themselves as logical
and scientific; it doesn’t matter if his facts are dead wrong or his ideas
imbecilic or even suicidal as long as they’re said loud enough and with
enough conviction. When Donald puts on his smug Mussolini face what
Extropian can resist his Alpha Male charms even if he wants to kick over
the table, trash civilization, and restart from square one with Og the
Caveman? Well I know of one Extropian that can resist and isn't mesmerized
by Trump. I wonder if there are two.

 John K Clark
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