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>…Will, in a recent post, you heard me advocating Sal Khan for president.  Even had we managed to not Survivor ourselves into two power-tripping megalomaniacs, and had a choice of two good candidates, two excellent candidates, I would still advocate for Sal Khan.

>…You know of him, ja?



I was at the Khan Academy Learnstorm Champions celebration up at Google with my son.  Some yahoo stole my phone.  Sal was there, standing around like he is just anybody else, being Sal, the poster-child example of a microlomaniac.  The lowlife thief snapped a selfie with him.  Then perhaps his conscience compelled him to give back my phone.  That’s him on the left with the white hair.  Be on the lookout: bony white guy, about 6 ft, smirky grin, in awe of himself for being in Sal’s presence:

If I catch him… I’ll probably let it go, just to have this awesome photo.

If you want something astonishing to read, see if you can get a copy of Khan’s “One-World Schoolhouse.”  There might be free online versions of it out there.



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