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>> ​Do you know of any data on the IQs of immigrants?
>> ### Yes. It ranges from 69 for Sub-Saharan Africans to 105 for North-East
> Asians. See here:
> http://delong.typepad.com/pdf-1.pdf
> BTW, Jason Richwine's career was destroyed by a left-wing online lynch mob
> for the crimethink contained in the above dissertation and other
> publications.
> Rafał
> ​Thanks.  He is not the first nor will he be the last to get bombed over
the IQ issue.  Seems some far left people, mainly in sociology departments,
have it in their heads that intelligence is totally learned and any
deficiency not attributable to brain injury is the result of inadequate
environment.  I have never seen such a group that just denies reality like
this.  Of course their point is that if differences are genetic then it
forms a basis for discrimination, as if all discrimination is wrong.  I
should add that there are many in the education establishment that think
the same way.  They are opposed to sorting students into groups based on
ability.  Many kids who are actually mentally retarded (a hate term
according to them - they prefer terms like 'disadvantaged') are forced to
try to make it in regular classes, a disservice to the better students and
to them as well, as they cannot hope to compete from day one.

bill w​

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