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I now have an explanation for that video which enraged the Presbyterian
world and caused the attack on the American Embassy: it was written by an


Or perhaps not, but I have seen videos written by humans weirder and dumber
than this one:




Those of you who played computer chess in the 1970s know how bad it was and
how some of its moves were so absurd it would leave you howling with
derisive laughter.  The programmers failed to write an embarrassment module
and a hopelessness module into their software.  But even in those benighted
times, the computer software could beat some humans, assuming the humans
were stoned and already sucked anyway.


So now, we have computer-generated movie scripts.  For now, Aaron Sorkin can
rest with confidence that unemployment is not a near-term threat.  But chess
software improved.  It was playing a reasonable game by the mid 1980s, and
was getting good by 1990.  Deep Blue beat Kasparov at his peak in 1997.


So, will computers ever write a good movie script?



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