[ExI] Has the mystery of Dark Matter been solved?

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>…LIGO goes back online in September 

​(and will be joined by VIRGO) ​

so we should 

​be able to straighten ​out what's going on

 before the end of the year.

​John K Clark 



Oh my evolution, is this a fun time to be alive or what?  


I can’t quite get past this comment I heard at the SLAC lecture: we already detected one pair of colliding black holes, but we only listened for a few days.  SETI has been all ears for years, decades, and we get a big goose egg, a NADA in all caps.  LIGO, we turn it on, and BOOM there it is, Merry Christmas and Happy New Insight to everyone who knows what that little chirp means and why this lecture packed a huge hall to standing room only and why this result just toe-curling screaming-orgasm cool.


Reason: we don’t just get that lucky.  I can’t imagine when we go back online it will take years to get the next hit.  It must be we get something like this about every… month?  Few weeks?  Couple months?  If so… we need to rethink our notions on why at least part of dark matter can’t be black holes.  I haven’t been so delightfully uncertain in several years.





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