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>> ### Well, stopping welfare would assure there is no TV for those who
>> don't work.... The poor might actually think before having children... They
>> might learn to humbly ask for a job rather than angrily demand handouts...
>> Knowing that there is no welfare might induce some of them to value
>> schooling as a way of earning access to a job... And ending the war on
>> drugs might leave them no option but to make themselves useful...
> That is a nice fantasy, but that's not the way they think.  If they're
> starving *RIGHT NOW* there's no time or energy for education...but there is
> to steal bread.  Assuming they do not wind up in the alternate welfare
> known as prison (or dead from an armed merchant, or etc.), they see what
> works and keep doing it.

### Before you "starve" there are warnings, hundreds and thousands of
warnings. There are years where every day you can make the right or the
wrong choices.

Being "poor" in America is a choice, and choices can be modified by

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