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>…A GS12 makes about $61,000 a year, seems pretty modest to me for a ​

deputy chief of staff for the Secretary of State…


Ja, so how did Abedin go from there to 135k, while on salary to the Clinton Foundation and Doug Band’s Teneo Corporation?  What exactly was she doing for all that and during that time?  The contract signed when she went into that arrangement should be very informative.


Abedin might have been legal had she given up her position at the State Department, but that would cause her to lose her clearances.  Can’t have that.  


For Abedin to retain a salary of 135k at State requires a contract, which requires a careful documentation of what Abedin is actually doing for that sum.  For something that looks as suspicious as this arrangement, you need an army of contracts inspectors and an audit team, then a second army of inspectors and auditors to watch the first army, then a few independent inspectors to watch all of them.  


There’s a reason why this kind thing shown below doesn’t happen:




If an auditor finds Miss Buxley making a salary equal to or higher than General Halftrack’s, for starters, Halftrack’s career is finished (or whoever signed off on the arrangement and Halftrack can prove he didn’t know.)  Then if it is found he did know and did not document the arrangement, he will be serving time in the brig.  Contract fraud is taken very seriously in government.


In 2012, Abedin was being paid higher than a Brigadier General.  OK then, show us the contract.  Who signed off on that?  Is that person busy for the next 1 to 5 years?



​>>… ​Her arrangement with Ms. Abedin is fire.  It is contract fraud.


​>…What fraud? 


In government, one cannot just pick someone, make them an assistant and pay her whatever they want with our money.  There is a process in place to prevent situations like Halftrack would be in if his secretary is discovered to be making 135k with no clear description of her duties and no contracts inspection procedure in place.  To not have all that is contract fraud.  It is not as serious as leaking classified information of course, but it is a crime.


You mentioned you hadn’t heard of Huma Abedin before a few weeks ago.  Don’t worry, you will.



​>…It's true that being insane is not a crime and neither is being an imbecile, but WHO CARES?   ​


I cares.


What difference at this point does it make?


​>…And he's as dumb as a sack of rocks. In short Trump stands for everything that Extropianism doesn't, and yet it's Hillary the list really hates not Donald. I don't get it.  John K Clark


Eh, it isn’t that the list hates either of them really.  It hates power-grabbing crazies and power-grabbing criminals in high offices.  So don’t vote for them.


It makes a difference.  Governments must follow their own laws.  Governments must fear the people they are elected to serve.  The people must not fear the people they elected to serve.  Otherwise we have a nuclear-armed banana republic.


Hear the footsteps.






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