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>…I repeat the remarks by others I'd prefer this list not be infected by too much discussion on current affairs, and I'd prefer a higher level of discussion than 'Trump is a crazy with a potential finger on the big red button'/'Clinton is corrupt!'


Criticism accept, and I will struggle to refrain henceforth, keep the level of discussion at 30k ft, meta rather than micro.

>…I think one of the important things with charity is to evaluate the likely output (c.f. Effective Altruism etc.) and on this the Clinton Foundation is pretty opaque. …


Here’s a meta-discussion then on transparency:  this 53 second commentary tells everything we need to know regarding transparency and end-justifies-the-means politics.  Dr. Gruber sums it up in less than a minute.  He tried to walk it back later, but no, he was caught telling the truth, it was recorded on video, it will never go away and can never be unsaid.  A rare 53 seconds of pure truth:





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