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​>…Exactly, so if President Trump gives preferential treatment to his business interests he will personally benefit from it but Mrs. Clinton won't because she has no skin in the game…


Are we comparing what Trump will do to what Clinton has already done?


>…​I just Googled "Trump" and "broke the law" and got 368,000 results.​


Did you read any of them?


​>…I'll be damned if I know why but the probability Trump will win has gone up in recent days, ​it's now at about 30%...


The press is talking about the upcoming email dump from Julian Assange.  They have noticed he isn’t a bullshitter and hasn’t ever been caught bluffing.


>… when I hear details of the work contract of some aid to Hillary that I've never heard of until a few days ago my mind starts to wander…


It demonstrates contempt for law.  We need elected officials who respect law.  Government officials must follow the laws they swear to uphold, to the letter and beyond.


​>… it is illegal to accept contributions from 

foreign government officials

​ and it's even illegal to ask for it, but that's exactly what Donald Trump did...


The article doesn’t say what public office he was holding at the time, or whether it was an elected office or an appointed one.  John, do you know?


​>…As I said the list hates Hillary far more than it hates Trump.​..John K Clark


Eh, probably about the same.  Easy solution: don’t vote for them.


Hear the approaching footsteps.










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