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> PERC appears to be linked to the Koch brothers.
>> ### If it's linked to the Koch brothers, I am ready to trust them.
> Koch brothers are true American heroes, who rose against the Behemoth and
> gave it poke in the eye, earning themselves the undying hatred of leftoids
> everywhere.

It’s nice that such a Mom-n-Pop operation like the Koch brothers had the guts to hire an army of lobbyists to begin poking Washington. Unfortunately, the lobbyists seem to have their aim considerably lower, specifically the area from whence Rafal derives his facts. Interestingly, because Rafal has his head so firmly lodged in his fact generator, and its online analog Breitbart, I’m sure that by timing flow and echo we have a new metric for gauging the convergence of the physical and the digital and thereby the approach of the Singularity. Well done Rafal!  Back to the lobbyists, unfortunately instead of the traditional sticks they used something else for their poking. Oh well, at least it rhymes with ‘stick’.

This wouldn’t have been so bad if the Koch brothers hadn’t made one more error; corporations are people under US law. Koch Industries is composed of many thousands of hectares of land, processing plants, approximately 100 000 workers, a network of contracts, intellectual property, bank accounts, lawyers and lobbyists. Koch Industries is the Behemoth. And as a perfect Ayn Rand Libertarian behemoth it feels no altruistic impulse so it couldn’t comply with the poking directive and go poke itself. Unfortunately, as a perfect Ayn Rand libertarian behemoth, it found its enlightened self-interest by poking the public and our environmental laws.

Let’s me be clear, something like Koch Industries is as close to an AI as we have. It exists on a scale and time frame beyond human. It doesn’t have its own moral sense/faculty/psychology. For some this may be an ideal but for me it is the clearest explanation why corporations need to be regulated by our citizen’s AI, the government.

> Hail the Koch brothers!


> Rafa?


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