[ExI] foundation and empire

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Fri Sep 2 21:35:11 UTC 2016

On Sep 2, 2016 1:19 PM, "spike" <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
> If congress will recognize this is our oooonnnne chaaaance to make safe a
very dangerous situation, then acts on it, this will fly before pigs do.

They won't.  Likewise, water will remain wet.

Wishing is irrelevant here: there are fundamental problems that would need
to be addressed before Congress would even consider such a thing.  (For
example, getting them to actually care, as opposed to just paying lip
service.  For another, getting them to realize that an American nuclear
first strike really is something that Trump might actually attempt, even
with the evidence Trump has provided.  And then there are the ones who
assume Clinton has basically already won and won't first strike.)  Your
proposal fails to acknowledge that said barriers even exist, let alone how
to solve them.

Can we please keep discussion to things that are even remotely possible?
For instance, given the things Clinton is expected to do in office, how
might we take advantage of those to boost public adoption technologies to
render certain forms of corruption impossible?
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