[ExI] A Working Quantum Computer by 2017?

John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 16:36:49 UTC 2016

​Add quantum computers to the list of things that could create a
singularity. Google now thinks that as early as the end of next year they
will have a working 50 Qubit quantum computer that can achieves something
they call "quantum supremacy", it means solving a problem that no existing
conventional computer can. This is much earlier than anybody thought just 5
years ago. The problem they're focusing on is calculating how a network of
quantum circuits behaves. The difficulty of solving the network problem
increases exponentially with the number of circuits, a smartphone can
calculate what a 6 x 4 grid will do, to figure out a 6 x 7 grid Google
needed one of the world's largest supercomputers with 10,000 times the
power of a high end PC. To calculate what a 7 x 7 grid will do is beyond
existing technology, you'd need a conventional computer with twice the
memory of the world's largest supercomputer, but a  50 Qubit quantum
computer could solve it easily. And the technique Google is using seems to
be scalable, no need to stop at 50 Qubits.


​ John K Clark​
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