[ExI] Nobody's posted about the Hillary interview yet?

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>…I just assumed you'd make the clear and sensible proposition that she is definitely shown to be lying now.


>…Hillary is NOT senile…


Will how can we prove that?  Mrs. Clinton definitely did know the levels of classification in 2003, since she was on the committee that reviewed the evidence which led to the invasion of Iraq.  She couldn’t have gotten that level of clearance without being able to pass the tests on these kinds of fundamentals.  


So if the senility or stroke-induced amnesia occurred by 2008 and lasted until late 2013 (when the “123 deal” memo was sent), then that would explain a lot of things, ja?  If she demonstrates this senility in the upcoming debates, I don’t see how she can be convicted.  We will have to assume it true.  The level of impairment she must demonstrate in those debates will need to be severe.  


If on the other hand, she does not appear significantly impaired in the debates, well, she has still more explaining to do with regard to the impossible task of reconciling what she told congress with what she told the FBI.  I don’t see how that can possibly be done without a senility plea.  We will need a doctor’s note on that notion of temporary senility, five years, then miraculous recovery.


>…I sort of hope she gets disqualified and Biden can run.  He would utterly destroy Trump.  Definitely would be a landslide… Will


Why wouldn’t Bernie Sanders get to be the nominee?  We know the scales were tipped against him; we cannot even be sure he wouldn’t have won that nomination had it been a fair competition.  How can we consider it legitimate if Biden is selected as the replacement nominee?






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