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Sun Sep 4 05:56:31 UTC 2016

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If you are a US voter, how are you voting?

Consider this thread a poll.

Best wishes,


Johnson and Weld.  No need to even ask.  If it ends up Trump vs Bernie vs
Johnson, I will still vote Johnson, and he does have a fighting chance in
that race.

Keith, parting shot please: my burden has been about that nuke football.  Of
these candidates, he is the one most likely to just hand it over without a
struggle.  Johnson doesn't want to control that, for he is a rare case of a
politician who is not a power grabber.  He is a constitutional literalist
(oh what a breath of fresh air is this) so he would recognize this ball
should have been handed back to congress at the earliest opportunity, which
was about 30 years ago.

Once we get that ball back in the hands of congress, plenty of things

Consider a city model.  Ideally if we look at the USA as a really big city,
the Supreme Court is the court system, the legislature is the City Council,
the president is the Chief of Police, and we are the mayor, because they
serve us.

Over the decades, we have left the court the court and the legislature the
City Council, but we have somehow made the president into the mayor and the
voters have become the hapless blighters serving 4 years in the jail for the
crime of electing the silly buffoons.

Hear the footsteps.  


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