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>…Back in 2000 when Ralph Nader was running for president law professor Jamin Raskin had an idea he called “Nadertrading". The idea was that Nader supporters in swing states like Florida or Pennsylvania would vote for Gore and in return a Gore supporter in a non-swing state like California or Texas would vote for Nader. Hmm..  John K Clark



Ja, this is perfectly legal and right out of Saul Alinsky’s bag of tricks.  We have already seen an example of what happens when these techniques are put into action: it’s how we got Trump.  

If you recall, back in spring 2015 (and if you don’t, references can be found on the internet still) one of the two mainstream parties already had its nominee, there were no serious contenders anywhere, the super-delegates were already bought, everything was in place, no need to waste donations during the primary season.  The party urged its loyal followers to cross-register as the other mainstream party and vote for the most easily-beaten candidate and the one most likely to bring scorn and ridicule upon that other scurrilous party.  Plenty of them did it, as evidenced by record numbers of new registrations for that other mainstream party.

Then two unexpected events happened: a viable competitor for that nomination arose and caused such an uproar, the party had to cheat in order to defeat him.  Then scandal was uncovered, not by the people responsible for overseeing and preventing this sort of corruption, the ones we pay to watch for it, but by volunteer hackers from (of all places) RUSSIA!  The commies have become our voluntary police force now, oy freaking vey.  Result: we don’t know who is going to win this crazy mess, but we do know who will lose: America.

If there is any lesson for us, it is this: those Alinsky methods are highly effective but very risky.  The cross-dresser might get what they asked for.

Secure the football.





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