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Wed Sep 7 19:38:30 UTC 2016

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Subject: Re: [ExI] most famous exi poster

>...Didn't Julian Assange post to the list a few times in the 90s?

Ja.  He got in a big quarrel with a guy and the moderator at the time asked
them to take it offlist, so Eugen did his magic and about a dozen of us went
and pummeled each other privately.  Wei Dai was part of that I think, but
mostly it was Julian and this other guy who I intentionally didn't name,
hasn't been on the list in a long time but he is still around.  

The offlist discussion went to the US constitution, where the American guy
fighting with Julian argued that bit in Amendment IV about secure in
persons, houses, PAPERS... etc meant that we have inherent right to privacy
in email.  I disagreed with Julian's adversary at the time, reasoning that
with email we have no reasonable expectation of privacy unless we encrypt
the messages.  I expect anything posted on email to be hackable.  Turns out
that was right.

Chaos ensued, but the comment that Julian made is burned into my retinas: he
wanted to bring America's first amendment to the whole world.


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