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>>…I'm not sure whenever/wherever it's been easy to be a practicing libertarian. The trend may be toward authoritarianism but I'd like to think that some day there'll be another Enlightment and we can move past that. Dave


>…I have often wondered why the world doesn't follow us.  Most of the world has authoritarian govs. and are way behind us and Western Europe in every category.  Why can't they see that our way is the way to go?  …bill w





BillW, look at the way we are going please sir.  Can we still see that our way is the way to go?  

Wednesday we saw a clear example of a Secretary of State instructing his successor on how to break law by detailing how he did it himself.  Her comments in that same memo may have implicated the president.  If that isn’t a conspiracy, I am misunderstanding the definition of the term.

Now in yesterday’s speech, a candidate expressed the opinion that those who think the government has let them down are to be tossed into a “basket of deplorables” along with Trump supporters.  Well I don’t feel deplorable.  But plenty of us damn sure do think the government has let us down: it intentionally failed to follow its own laws.  That is called “crime.”  Our own government has caught two former Secretaries of State, with evidence in their own writing (how often does THAT happen?)  

Where is the rush to impeach both of them?  What more do we need than evidence in their own words of contempt for law?

People who suffer under authoritarian regimes have governments who grab power using false promises and true threats.  

Now… we have a candidate who identified those who demand the US government be legal, moral, ethical and accountable as “deplorable.”

BillW, remind me please why you are wondering why the world doesn’t follow us?  It is entirely clear that we are following us?



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