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> ​one ​candidate expressed the opinion that those who think the government has let them down are to be tossed into a “basket of deplorables” along with Trump supporters.


​That's not what she said, she said half of Trump supporters should be tossed into a basket of ​deplorables,and if anything I think she was being too kind when she said only half. … ​John K Clark​



John the problem with that line of reasoning is that we have no way of knowing what percentage of those who are being tossed in the basket as Trump supporters really support Trump, as opposed to those who are in the huge and growing basket of Clinton deplorers.  These are two different things, but our system which crams everyone into one of only two camps creates these kinds of problems.


Wednesday we learned that Mrs. Clinton’s predecessor wrote a memo in which he openly expressed contempt for law.  He explained how they struggled to help him understand why the rule was that way.  It wasn’t just an arbitrary rule, there is a damn good reason for doing things the way they do.  In his memo now public, he expressed the opinion that it was nonsense and disregarded all of it.  He then explained how he violated the State Department rules, which led to violating law (having to do with records retention.)  He knew the State Department rules, he knew the law, he violated both intentionally and expressed it in writing.  I see no other logical alternative than immediate impeachment of Secretary Powell.


That same message has comments by Powell’s successor which expresses deplorable contempt and disregard for law.  It might have even implicated the president, depending on how it is interpreted and if there is an alternative plausible explanation for the “struck a blow” comment.  We still don’t know what that means. 


Had General Powell rather than General Styer been in charge of Oak Ridge in 1943, the outcome of the effort there and the outcome of the war might have been very different.




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