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​> ​>…Had General Powell rather than General Styer been in charge of Oak Ridge in 1943, the outcome of the effort there and the outcome of the war might have been very different.


​>…If they had followed the letter of the law the entire Oak Ridge plant would have blown up…


On the contrary John.  The rules said they had to separate the material.  Had they followed the rules without understanding why, everything would be fine.  But they had to follow the rules.  Then Feynman injected:


“In my opinion it is impossible for them to obey a bunch of rules unless they understand how it works. So it's my opinion that it's only going to work if I tell them… Feynman


Feynman had never been in the military.  He injected his opinion that soldiers, (including the commander) wouldn’t follow rules unless they know why they are in place.  It is possible Feynman was right, but we don’t know.  I wouldn’t assume it.  Rather than Feynman’s approach, the right answer would have been to assign an inspector to make sure the rules were being followed, then assign a second inspector to inspect the first one.


>…So the Oak Ridge plant ended up with a excellent safety record because they didn't follow the USA's laws but did follow the laws of physics….John K Clark


The plant followed the rules, Feynman didn’t.  He assumed they would break the rules if he didn’t tell.  Inspector and second inspector, done.


Trained soldiers know to follow orders even if they don’t understand them, and they know why sometimes they get orders they don’t understand.  Secretary Powell didn’t understand the rules, the technical staff went to extraordinary lengths to explain to him why you can’t use Blackberries in a SCIF, he still didn’t understand and probably wouldn’t have even if they set up instruments and demonstrated that Blackberries damn sure do emit signals which can be intercepted and spoofed, which means they cannot be taken into a SCIF because an EM-shielded building is the perfect electro-quiet environment in which to collect those signals, which can then be used to command the server to disgorge its contents.


Powell put all the evidence needed to impeach him right there in his own words in the 23 Jan 2009 memo.  It showed lack of understanding, contempt for the law and a description of how he broke it.  Only later did it come out why he broke the rules, which we only found out because a hacker was bragging about it to his hacker buddies.


We were so focused on Guccifer’s having gotten in to Clinton’s email that we ignored that the he DID get into Powell’s email.  He was really looking for bikini photos of smoking hot Romanian diplomat Corina Cretu.  Guccifer didn’t care about a bunch of government stuff, spy biz and such as that; he wanted to gaze upon that bathing beauty Corina Cretu.  I freely admit, she is more interesting to me too, hotter than Dr. Jill Stein.  But the point is, there is a good reason for seemingly arbitrary rules.


Powell apparently compromised national security in order to cover the reason why Cretu was sending him bikini photos.  When the SecState does things like enter a relationship which results in bikini photos, then breaks the law to cover it, that makes that SecState subject to blackmail.  Impeach.


We don’t yet know what bikini photos might yet be found on his successor’s communications or the meaning of that “struck a blow” comment, or what was compromised to keep all that quiet.  Yet we are being told shut up and vote, and that there are only two real candidates.








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