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On Sun, Sep 11, 2016 at 1:12 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

> If they get legal orders signed by his superiors, procedures developed by
> the scientists, in detail, even with no explanation, but with explicit
> orders to put this component somewhere safe, put this other component
> somewhere else at least yakkity yak feet from this first component

As an engineer, you should know that this couldn't have been the case.

The procedures weren't that detailed.  There were lots of unanticipated
corner cases (such as the "separate rooms but back to back with only
plywood between them" that John mentioned) - and it could not be otherwise,
because no one had yet thought through those cases.

The procedures are never detailed enough, for anything truly new and
recently developed, as in this case.  (If there are detailed procedures,
that's a good sign that whatever it is isn't that new.)  So those following
them needed to know the details so they could think through the corner
cases they encountered.

This is one of the headaches most professional engineers constantly face in
their careers - at least, those working on new designs which aren't
developed to the point that it could readily be automated.
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